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Description DIGICO D4
D4: The ideal combination of DiGiCoýs unique touchscreen technology coupled with a powerful digital engine
•Up to 160 audio channels
•Up to 124 output busses
•From 16 faders to 96
•Full feature monitor matrix
•Full remote control and console mirror facility
The D4 is a high end digital production console like no other. It provides the ideal combination of DiGiCoýs unique touchscreen work surface topology, interfaced with an incredibly powerful digital engine. The result simultaneously provides for up to 160 full audio channels and 124 output busses, all controlled by one of the fastest and most intuitive automation systems currently available ý a production console to tackle the toughest and most demanding daily workload.

Housed in a cosmetically and ergonomically enhanced surface, the D4 is available in various frame sizes from a 16 fader console up to 96 faders with optional rack expanders. There is also the potential of cascading a number of consoles for a multi-operator requirement to create a surface with an almost unlimited number of faders and channels addressing 124 assignable output busses. In addition, consoles can be remotely linked via NET-TRACSý for seamless inter-console file exchange.
Input linking, ganging and layering are easily achievable with generous tactile and visual information feedback and a host of dedicated controls. Keeping you informed are the four large, high resolution backlit TFT touchscreens, affording instant access to multiple functions at once, with eight-character digital scribble strips and gain reduction / input level displays.
The Master section provides plentiful RS422 machine control, three control room outputs, graphical mix editing with LED timecode display, VCA control groups, IPS, PFL and Solo.
Automation facilities are equally comprehensive with touch record, trim and auto nulling, automated buss routing, unlimited snapshots with variable crossfades for faders and pans, cut and paste between mixes and more, while interfacing is provided for all relevant standards and formats.

At your fingertips is a comprehensive DSP engine with full equalisation and dynamics. 106-segment tri-colour LED digital metering with switchable ballistics provides an accurate picture of your gain structure. Simultaneous stereo, LCRS, 5.1 and 7.1 with divergence allows complete format flexibility, and VCA-style mixing and full dynamic and snapshot automation help make complex sessions flow naturally.
MADI-TRACSý is provided as standard for audio networking as well as system security, along with SAFE-TRACSý for audio output continuity. An optional Flash Rom upgrade is available to replace the standard hard drive if required. The D4 is also fully upgradeable. The inputs and outputs to the work surface are coupled by copper or fibre Madi cables and multiples of 56 channels run effortlessly over a 5mm diameter cable with no signal degradation or loss. To ease the seamless transfer of data, the D4, as with all our digital consoles is ýbackwards compatibleý.

As with all DiGiCo Products the D4 can connect up to four Racks.

•DiGiRack - 19-inch I/O Rack
•MiNi-DiGiRack - 19-inch I/O Rack
•I/O Card Options
•D-Tube - Integrated Tube Mic Preamp
•Combi Card - 16 GPIýs, 16 GPOýs and an extra MIDI port
Analogue Inputs
Quantization range 24-bits
Frequency response 20Hz to 20kHz ý0.3dB
Level linearity deviation 0dB to -90dB <0.3dB
Phase difference between channels 20Hz to 20kHz <2 degrees
Channel separation 100Hz to 10kHz >90dB
Total harmonic distortion 100Hz to 10kHz -1dBFS <0.004%
Maximum input level (at unity gain)
Mic +22dBu
Line +22dBU
Insert +28dBU
Microphone equivalent input noise
(150ohms, 60dB gain) >-128dB
Maximum gain mic and line +60dB
Connections, mic, line, inserts 56 pin EDACS

Analogue Outputs
Quantization range 24-bits
Frequency response 20Hz to 20kHz ý0.3dB
Level linearity deviation 0dB to -90dB <0.3dB
Phase difference between channels 20Hz to 20kHz <2 degrees
Channel separation 100Hz to 10kHz >90dB
Total harmonic distortion 100Hz to 10kHz -1dBFS <0.004%
Idle channel noise ratio <-103dB
Maximum output level +22dBu
Connections 56 pin EDACS
Note: All measurements are made with 22Hz to 22kHz filter and RMS detector.All analogue inputs and outputs are electronically balanced

Digital I/O
AES/EBU in and out XLR
TDIF 25 pin female D con.
MADI (max length 50 metres) 75ohm BNC

Other I/O
MIDI in, out, thru 5 pin din
SMPTE timecode in/out XLR
RS422 machine control 9 pin female D con.
RS232 serial port 9 pin male D con.
Parallel printer port 25 pin female D con.
Remote talkback 9 pin female D con.
Word clock in/out 75ohm BNC
Video Sync in 75ohm BNC
MADI in/out 75ohm BNC
16 way relay remote start (option) 37 pin female D con.

Clocking and sample rates
Clock sources
Internal 32, 44.1, and 48kHz using a high stability numerically controlled oscillator
External From any digital source (AES/EBU, ADAT, TDIF etc.)
Black and burst 75ohm video
Sample rate range 30Hz to 50kHz

Power Supply Requirements
Console 87 to 260v AC 50/60Hz autosensing. 300 watts max (power fact